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 We are generally more focused on work and less on posting accolades but what the heck – we’ll let some satisfied customers do the talking. Here’s what home buyers and sellers are saying about their experiences with Kevin of Harrison Home Inspections Ltd.

 At Harrison Home Inspections an average onsite house inspection takes approx 2-5 hours and involves a vigorous combination of hands-on, walking-on, and crawling-on (and under) the residence using technical investigation tools, and a comprehensive skill

Home Inspection in New Westminster, Vancouver, Richmond, and all lower mainland.

 I remember buying my first home. I was starry-eyed at one particular home right off the bat. Fortunately, I’d been involved in the building trades so I could see the value in having some idea of what sort of problems to look for. At first […]

 When a house is bought or sold, a home inspection is a common practice that alerts both homeowners and buyers to the condition of the property in question. You should choose only a professional licensed and certified home inspector. If you’re looking for

 Harrison Home Inspection specializes in working with home-owners who are preparing to sell their home. An inspection in advance of putting your home on the market is always a good idea. It is your best way of identifying and taking care of serious 

 Wise home buyers always choose to hire a home inspector to thoroughly inspect any potential home from lot to shingles, to identify possible problems before the purchase is made. One of the main reasons to have an objective set of eyes, ears, and hands (equipped with

 An important follow-up to the detailed visual inspection, Harrison Home Inspections comprehensive inspection report, summarizes the inspector’s findings in a concise, easy to read PDF file that arrives in your email box. Containing factual information and photos documenting the current

 At Harrison Home Inspections, our role as certified professional home inspectors is to inform you on the property’s condition, habitability and safety. As specifically trained and properly equipped home inspectors, we will review your house as a system, looking at how one component of the house might