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Harrison Home Inspections are Comprehensive

At Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions Ltd., a professional home inspection service, our role as licensed and cer­ti­fied home inspec­tors is to inform you on the property’s con­di­tion, hab­it­abil­ity and safety. As specif­i­cally trained and prop­erly equipped home inspec­tors, we will review your house as a sys­tem, look­ing at how one com­po­nent of the house might affect the oper­abil­ity or life span of another. We will go through the prop­erty and per­form an onsite com­pre­hen­sive visual inspec­tion following ASTTBC-PI standards of inspection to assess the con­di­tion of the house and all of its sys­tems. This is fol­lowed by a com­pre­hen­sive nar­ra­tive report with pho­tos which, on aver­age, takes 2–3 hours further to consolidate.

We will deter­mine the com­po­nents that are not per­form­ing prop­erly as well as items that are beyond their use­ful life or are unsafe. We will also iden­tify areas where repairs may be needed or where there may have been prob­lems in the past. Inspec­tions are intended to pro­vide the client with a bet­ter under­stand­ing of prop­erty con­di­tions, as observed at the time of the inspection.

A Typical Harrison Home Inspection Includes:


Harrison Home Inspections include atticsAttics are inspected with each Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tion. We look for signs of water ingress, rodent infes­ta­tion and other signs of pests, poor or missing insulation, old knob-and-tube wiring, and many other sources of potential problems. More

Common Areas

Harrison Home Inspections include commons areas of condosThis refers to those areas of con­do­mini­ums, apart­ments, etc. shared by the res­i­dences. Report­ing the con­di­tion of com­mon areas is a vital part of each condo, apart­ment or town­house inspection.  The costs of repair­ing prob­lems with com­mons areas… More 

Ceilings, Walls and Floors

Harrison Home Inspections include ceilings, walls and floorsCeil­ings, walls and floors are impor­tant struc­tural, func­tional and cos­metic fea­tures in every home. Badly built walls can hide struc­tural prob­lems; load-bearing walls that have been inap­pro­pri­ately removed. More 

Radiant Floors / Insulation

Harrison Home Inspections include the home's Radiant Floors / InsulationTher­mal imag­ing, or Thermography, is a pow­er­ful home inspec­tion tool used to help deter­mine the func­tional con­di­tion of com­po­nents such as in-floor radi­ant heat­ing sys­tems, insu­la­tion and a num­ber of other build­ing sys­tems… More

Doors and Windows

Harrison Home Inspections include doors and windowsDoors and win­dows let in light, warmth and keep out the cold and the wet. Well, this is what we expect when we buy a home. At Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions we inspect all the doors and win­dows in a home. More 


Harrison Home Inspections include electrical systemsElec­tri­cal sys­tems can be a major source of prob­lems for a new home­owner. As for elec­tri­cal sys­tems – much can be revealed by a detailed inspec­tion of the home’s main power panel, the recep­ta­cles, fix­tures, etc. More 

Heating and Air Conditioning

Harrison Home Inspections include heating and air conditioning systemsHeat­ing and air con­di­tion­ing fea­tures of a home are areas that can be fully inspected by a qual­i­fied home inspec­tor. These com­po­nents include fur­naces, hot and cool air return ducts, air con­di­tion­ers, etc. Issues with heat­ing and cool­ing… More 

Gutters and Drainage

Harrison Home Inspections include a home's gutters and drainage systemsWe get up close and per­sonal with gut­ters and drainage sys­tems around each home that we inspect at Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions. When­ever pos­si­ble, we try to access these fea­tures for close inspec­tion using lad­ders, binoc­u­lars… More 


Harrison Home Inspections include insulationInsu­la­tion, like ven­ti­la­tion, is often a source of prob­lems that span a spec­trum depend­ing on whether too lit­tle or too much insu­la­tion is present in the walls and ceil­ings of a home. Too much insu­la­tion, inex­pertly stuffed in walls… More 

The Lot

Harrison Home Inspections include the lot where the property is locatedThe lot is the area of the prop­erty not occu­pied the the actual res­i­dence. It is as impor­tant as the dwelling is when it comes to a home inspec­tion. At Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions we inspect the lot for issues like poor drainage… More 


Harrison Home Inspections include plumbing systemsPlumb­ing sys­tems can be a major source of prob­lems for a new home­owner. Unde­tected leak­ing pipes can under­mine floors and walls with rot; signs of repeated repairs of pin-hole leaks can reveal a home that was built … More 

Porches and Decks

Harrison Home Inspections include porches, decks and fencesPorches and decks are great addi­tions to any home. They cre­ate a won­der­ful tran­si­tion from the home inte­rior to the gar­den space, and pro­vide a place to prac­ti­cally “live” out­side dur­ing the warm months. More 

Roof and Exterior Walls

Harrison Home Inspections include the roof of the buildingsPer­haps on of the most impor­tant fea­tures of any home to report on is the the state of the roof and exte­rior walls. An old roof, on the verge of fail­ure, can often be seen in lifted, miss­ing and curled shin­gles … More 

Structure and Foundations

Harrison Home Inspections includes the building's foundation and structureEach and very home or res­i­dence is a solid struc­ture built upon a strong foun­da­tion – or so it should be. A Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tion pays par­tic­u­lar atten­tion to the foun­da­tion and struc­ture of every home we inspect. More 

Structural Integrity

Harrison Home Inspections includes a building's structural integrityThere is noth­ing more impor­tant than the struc­tural integrity of a home. There are many facets to struc­tural integrity from roof to foun­da­tion and each of these com­po­nents works with the oth­ers, like ver­te­brae in a spine … More 


Harrison Home Inspections include the home's ventilation systemVen­ti­la­tion issues are equally com­mon in both older and newer homes. The prob­lems are quite dif­fer­ent though between older and newer homes when to comes to ven­ti­la­tion prob­lems.  Older homes tend to be overly ven­ti­lated… More 

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