Condo, Apartment and Townhouse Inspection

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At Harrison Home Inspections, we have performed hundreds of con­do, apartment, and townhouse inspections. Along with a full detailed inspection of the unit we find it very important to also complete a general review of the strata common areas as the cost of repairs in these areas is shared by all owners within the strata, which can be considerable. A general review can give an indication of how well components are being maintained and whether they appear to be approaching a time for replacement or renewal. Cracks and flaking concrete in garage ceilings and pillars and any envelope work can potentially mean significant special levies, depending on how well the strata is operated. The introduction of depreciation reports has greatly helped in this area as it can provide buyers and inspectors with important information detailing the history of building components and condition especially when done by an engineering company.  It is always recommended that the client read any and all strata documents and reports prior to any purchase.  At Harrison home Inspections, we are happy to review the building aspect of any depreciation report as part of our service and of course a detailed comprehensive report with photos is always given shortly after all inspections.

The following lists some of the common area items generally inspected with apartments and condos:

  • Ele­va­tors – mainly on older buildings. Strata documents should be reviewed for elevator upgrades recently deemed necessary, as these can be costly
  • Cor­ri­dors and car­pets
  • Locker facil­i­ties
  • Electrical Room
  • Boiler room and components for obvious leaks and having regular maintenance
  • Under­ground park­ing for concrete cracks, flaking, water penetration, traffic membrane, etc.



  • Roof covering and components if accessible (obtaining prior approval from strata or caretaker usually required)
  • Exte­rior wall sampling (envelope) for cladding type, wall penetration detailing and potential for water penetration
  • Bal­cony detailing