Doors & Windows Inspection

Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions doors windows

Doors and win­dows let in light, warmth and keep out the cold and the wet. Well, this is what we expect when we buy a home. At Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions we inspect all the doors and win­dows in a home so that you can know before hand if there are any prob­lems that will jump out to trou­ble you after you’ve made the pur­chase. One of the most com­mon prob­lems with doors and win­dows is water and air ingress. Doors and win­dows that don’t seal out air and water need to be iden­ti­fied. For­tu­nately, there are clear and obvi­ous signs that a trained and cer­ti­fied pro­fes­sional home inspec­tor will be able to spot and present in the detailed inspec­tion report. We inspect the hard­ware of doors and win­dows as well to ensure that you are aware if there are issues with locks, hinges, fas­ten­ers and other vital components.