Structural Home Inspection

Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions structure

There is noth­ing more impor­tant than the struc­tural integrity of a home. There are many facets to struc­tural integrity from roof to foun­da­tion and each of these com­po­nents works with the oth­ers, like ver­te­brae in a spine, to keep a build­ing stand­ing. A Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tion looks at every home from top to bot­tom for unusual struc­tural dis­tress or deflec­tions in the exte­rior fram­ing of the roof, exte­rior facades and foun­da­tions which could sig­nal a seri­ous prob­lem. Undu­lat­ing floors, crack­ing dry­wall, water ingress – may be signs of struc­tural dis­tress. Cracked foun­da­tions, set­tling cor­ners, angled exte­rior walls – may like­wise indi­cate issues with a building’s struc­tural integrity.