Home Lot Inspection

Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions lot

The lot is the area of the prop­erty not occu­pied the the actual res­i­dence. It is as impor­tant as the dwelling is when it comes to a home inspec­tion. At Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions we inspect the lot for issues like poor drainage and neg­a­tive slop­ing that often lead to mois­ture prob­lems with the res­i­dence.  Typ­i­cally inspected are cov­er­ings, such as flower beds, walkway’s, inter­lock­ing brick, and dri­ve­ways as these areas call hide prob­lems like un-removed, buried oil tanks; the pres­ence of bedrock, intru­sive tree roots, etc.