Home Ventilation Inspection

Har­ri­son Home Inspec­tions ventilation

Ven­ti­la­tion issues are equally com­mon in both older and newer homes. The prob­lems are quite dif­fer­ent though between older and newer homes when to comes to ven­ti­la­tion prob­lems. Older homes tend to be overly ven­ti­lated while newer homes suf­fer from being too air­tight. Ven­ti­la­tions prob­lems are more com­plex than this gen­er­al­iza­tion about older and newer homes but all issues with ven­ti­la­tion lead to the same set of related prob­lems: poor air qual­ity, poor heat­ing and cool­ing effi­ciency, drafti­ness or stale air, poor mois­ture con­trol, the pres­ence of mold, mildew, etc. For­tu­nately, the sources of these prob­lems are iden­ti­fi­able through a typ­i­cal Har­ri­son Home Inspection.