Thermal Imaging Inspections

Thermal imaging, or Thermography, is a powerful home inspection tool used to help determine the functional condition of components such as in-floor radiant heating systems, insulation and a number of other building systems. We use our thermal imaging camera as part of our home inspections.

Thermal Imaging Inspections Vancouver

As of July 2014, Kevin Harrison is a Certified Level 1 Thermographer in Building Investigations. With this certification – obtained from the ITC (Infrared Training Center) — Kevin now has the ability and Thermal Imaging equipment to help identify thermal anomalies with items such as the buildings envelope, missing insulation, faulty radiant heating lines, active water penetration and much more.

To the trained eye, the resulting images can show the effects and possible issues related to these anomalies:

Radiant floor lines not functioning w-txtThermal Image moisture and missing insulation

At Harrison Home Inspections, Kevin uses this tool with all full home inspections at no extra charge; however, as with all inspection tools, thermal images are only used when determined useful. The benefits of using thermal images as part of your comprehensive home inspection include the ability to be aware of any inefficient and defective energy systems in your home, and the ability to outline the potential for higher costs to operate the home.

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